When you arrive, you will be given a packet which includes a Program for the evening, your “Casino Cash” and a wristband if you bought a VIP ticket.

How do I start gaming? If you are ready to hit the tables, take your “Casino Cash” to the table of your choice and trade it in for chips so you can begin to play.

Ready to cash out? Turn your chips back in to a dealer at one of the tables to receive raffle tickets you can use to enter for a prize at the Prize Table. $500 in “Casino Cash” gets you 1 raffle ticket.

What if I don’t want to play? Go to any table and trade your “Casino Cash” in for raffle tickets whenever you are ready.

Do I need to stay to win a raffle or Silent Auction prize? No. For the raffle prizes, hang on to your ticket and we will post to this website the winning number for each prize after the event ends. If you find out you won, just call the Distinguished Young Women office (251.438.3621). We will contact any Silent Auction winners who do not claim their prizes the night of the event.